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Serving Menomonie and the Surrounding Areas in Wisconsin

High-Quality Healthcare for your Horse

Menomonie, WI Equine Care

Painted Pony Equine Service

  • Insurance examinations

  • Dentistry

  • Deworming program evaluation

  • Health certificates and fecal exams

Equine services include:

  • Coggins tests

  • Vaccinations

  • Annual physical examinations

  • Pre-purchase examinations

Preventative care

  • Flexion tests

  • Radiology with portable equipment

  • Diagnostic anesthesia

  • Laminitis evaluation

  • Farrier consultations

  • Referrals for alternative therapies

Lameness exams

  • Castration

  • Laceration repair

Surgical services

  • Detailed physical examinations

  • Equine diagnostics

  • Complete blood work and lab work

  • Euthanasia

Medical services

  • Power floating

  • Bit seats

  • Canine reduction

  • Cap extraction

  • Wave mouth correction

  • Hook removal and ramp corrections

  • Terminal and wolf tooth extractions


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